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PD Pulpotec (pat.pending)
Pulpotec is a medicament for long term treatment of pulpitis by pulpotomy of vital molars, both permanent & deciduous. No need rubber dam, only 2 sessions required to treat vital molars, minimum discomfort for patient, preserves the tissular structure of the tooth. Rapid & simple!

Packaging: Powder 15g, Liquid 15ml more info
PD Camphor Mono-Chlorophenol (CMCP)
PD Camphor Mono-Chlorophenol, also known as CMCP, is an active disinfectant for the treatment of infected root-canals & periapical infections, indicated for disinfection after pulpectomy, treatment of post-traumatic inflammation & pulp dressing
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PD Creosote
Beechwood Creosote is composed chiefly of Guaiacol & Cresol & is used for its antiseptic & analgesic actions. It is applied topically, preferably in diluted solutions either in alcohol or in an essential oil, indicated for disinfection of the root-canal, treatment of putrescent infections, stomatitis & alleviation of post-operative pain after extraction.
Packaging: Bottle of 15ml more info
PD Endoseptone
PD Endoseptone is a solution which offers a triple-action: bactericidal, sedative & anti-inflammatory, thanks to the added Dexamethasone. It also reduces the risk of allergic reactions, indicated for disinfection of the root-canal & deep caries, treatment against gangrene of the pulp & disinfection of a narrow, obturated or partially calcified root-canal.

Packaging: Bottle of 15ml

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PD Tricresol & Formalin (Formocresol)
Formocresol, thanks to its antibacterial activity, had proved as efficient in vital pulpotomy as for root-canal treatment. The Formaldehyde acts as a powerful, long-lasting germicide & also renders inert any remaining organic materials. Treatment of 4th degree caries, root-canal disinfectant dressing, to be used specially when fistula have developed.

Packaging: Bottle of 15ml

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PD Pengha Iodoform Paste (Alvogyl)
PD Pengha Iodoform Paste combines 4 active substances of long-lasting therapeutic activity. Penghawa-Djambi is a haemostatic, Iodoform is an antiseptic & Ethyl Aminobenzoate is a local anaesthetic which acts quickly & remains effective for a long time. Eugenol strengthens the analgesic & antiseptic effects of the other components.

Packaging: Jar of 15g

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PD Surgical Dressing
Surgical Dressing is a paste of creamy consistency to be used for treating post-operative dental pains and to combat alveolar infection. The dressing provides almost instant relief. Its action is long-lasting as the paste is completely absorbed by the tissues, indicated for dry, exposed or denuded alveolar sockets

Packaging: Tube of 25g

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PD Devitalizing Fibre, Arsenic Free
It should be used when a preparation which does not contain Arsenic is preferred. The active ingredient is Polyoxymethylene, a coagulant which acts on albumin & confers the required fibrous consistency tothe pulp to facilitate its subsequent extirpation. Procaine Hydrochlorideis an anesthetic to relieve pain & calm irritation.

Packaging: Jar of 6g

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PD Endofill
PD Endofil is a radiopaque preparation for permanent root-canal filling. Its composition is well tolerated by tissues & it provides anti-inflammatory, antiseptic & germicidal actions, indicated for permanent obturation of the root-canal & treatment infected 4th degree cavities.
Packaging: Powder 15g, Liquid 15ml more info
PD Hemostatic Solution
Hemostatic is a stable, non irritant solution ready for use. Its coagulating, antiseptic & analgesic properties provide quick haemostasis of post-extractive & post-operative haemorrhages as well as of bleeding of the oral mucosa, while scaling for instance.
Packaging: Bottle of 30ml more info
PD Root Canal Enlarger EDTA
Root-Canal Enlarger is a bactericidal and non toxic solution / gel allowing the softening of the dentinal walls of the root-canal. It acts by chelation of the Calcium ions and by elimination of inorganic debris. It thus enables easy subsequent mechanical widening of the root-canal during treatment

Packaging: Gel of 3g

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