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Dentaurum Discovery® Metal Brackets
Low friction values for better sliding mechanic & efficiency, Gingival offset brackets to prevent premature debonding, Patented laser marking for easy identification & placement, Rounded bracket tie wings for easy ligating, 3D-CAD-bracket bases for optimum fit.
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Dentaurum Equilibrium® 2 Metal Brackets
Improved, patented laser structured base for optimized bonding properties, Compact design for optimized retention, Gingival offset for best comfort & highest acceptance, Rhomboid base for accurate positioning, Originally laser base one-piece construction for excellent biocompatibility, Special geometric bracket wings for comfortable & reliable ligating.

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Dentaurum Fascination® 2 Ceramic Brackets
Patented production process for tooth identical aesthetics without unnatural reflections, High material density for high strength, without bothersome metal slot, Extremely pure polycrystalline alumina oxide for optimal translucency, almost invisible, Sintered process produced for rounded contours, Innovative ‘button structured base’ for optimum bonding strength.
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Dentaurum Jewel® Funstyle (Colored) Bracketsv
Trendy colours, the basis for the new JEWELS brackets are the well established Fascination® ceramic brackets.Youngsters can especially be motivated into orthodontic treatment through bright colours. With JEWELS it is not only possible to offer young patients colourful elastics but also the matching brackets in trendy colours. The result: JEWELS are harmless

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Dentaurum Elegance® SL Plastic Brackets
The Elegance® SL (Super Lock) innovatively designed base, together with an optimal chemical bond, guarantees excellent mechanical retention (due to undercuts) between brackets and adhesive. The transparent, glassfibre-reinforced poly-carbonate (composite) makes the brackets almost invisible, giving the patient an almost unimpaired aesthetical appearance

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Dentaurum Magic® Lingual Brackets System
World's first nickel-free Lingual Brackets. Due to the magic® bracket's unique geometrical form, arch wires can be inserted occlusally. The arch wire slips into the slot as if by magic®. With the aid of FEM (Finite Element Method) the size of the magic® brackets could be significantly reduced without compromising maximum functionality
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Dentaurum TOMAS® Anchorage System
Tomas® (temporary orthodontic micro anchorage system) is a new concept for temporary skeletal anchorage in orthodontic treatment, e.g. for active tooth movement or passive stabilization. It enables simpler, more effective orthodontic treatment, can replace headgear treatment, designed to conserve teeth, avoiding extractions, only partial banding required, well tolerated by the patient, pin not visible during treatment

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Dentaurum Dentaform® Molar Bands
All Dentaurum Dentaform® bands’ exterior surfaces are highly polished and extremely smooth which means they are comfortable for the patient to wear. The smooth surfaces also reduce the formation of plaque which helps the patient in maintaining a high standard of oral hygiene
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Dentaurum Buccal Tubes
Dentaurum supplies an exceptionally wide range of reliable buccal tubes, including economical standard buccal tubes, innovative MIM buccal tubes and the only pure titanium buccal tubes in the world. Every type of Dentaurum buccal tube has features, including small design details, that facilitate handling
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Dentaurum Elastic Auxiliaries
This assortment also has a large selection of different varieties. Together they are all of excellent quality and marked by their high elasticity and low fatigue. Apart from the various colors, diameters and pull forces there are also latex-free alternatives for patients with latex allergies

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Dentaurum SUS² Sabbagh Universal Spring
With a minimal adjustment to the SUS2 - Sabbagh Universal Spring (Herbst® -appliance / activator effect) it is possible to correct a distal occlusion or reposition teeth. With a maximum adjust-ment to the spring it is possible to make dentoalveolar changes (Jasper-Jumper® effect / Elastics® substitute)
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Dentaurum Herbst® Bite Jumping Hinge
WitThe Herbst® Bite Jumping Hinge was first invented by Emil Herbst in 1909 and further developed by Pancherz in 1979. Today it is available on the market in many different versions
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Dentaurum No-Mix Adhesive
The classic one-component bracket adhesive, universal application. NO-MIX is well suited for bonding all types of brackets (metal, ceramic, plastic), and buccal tubes.

Dentaurum Wires & Arches
The selection of wires, arches and accessories from Dentaurum ranges from simple laboratory wires, to arches made from special alloys such as the Tensic® Ideal Arch, a thermo-active nickel titanium alloy. Noninium® wires and arches for especially sensitive patients rounds off our wide spectrum of products
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Dentaurum Premium-Line Pliers
Premium quality – Premium function, Highly experienced craftsmanship and state-of-the-art machinery have been used to produce these high quality pliers which remain true to the saying "Made in Germany”. For this reason, Dentaurum’s Premium-Line pliers are extra long-lasting

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Dentaurum EQ-Line Pliers
Good pliers at a fair price. By using special production methods, the EQ-Line of pliers has been manufactured for the normal, every day use at an attractive price, without compromising good results. The materials and wires found in orthodontic practices and laboratories require the use of specialized instruments. The EQ-Line pliers are especially
made for this reason
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Dentaurum Orthocryl – Orthodontic Acrylics
The Orthocryl® Acrylic colors range from classic shades to modern, funky neon colors. Orthocryl® has been extensively tested, both in a polymerized form as used by the patient and the grinding particles generated during processing. It is non-toxic, does not cause irritation of the mucous membrane and does not contain any mutagenic properties

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Dentaurum Expansion Screws
Dentaurum’s selection of stainless steel expansion screws ranges from standard expansion screws to more complex special expansion screws such as Bertoni's three dimensional screws. rematitan® expansion screws, the biocompatible alternatives in pure titanium for sensitive patients, round off this wide selection
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