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  Hand PIECE
Dentamerica Lubrex - Handpiece Cleaning Unit
Automatic cleaning, purging & lubricating system, ergonomic front-loading, easy access design, can be used for all highspeed, low speed, air scaler & air motor handpiece. Up to 4 handpieces can be processed simultaneously. Quick release air conector, automatic fan & filter for vapor removal, large reservoir capacity with visible oil level indicator

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NSK Handpiece
NSK’s strength comes from its consistent “build everything in-house” philosophy; from development to manufacturing, and from jigs to small parts. This enables us to shorten the time to the market, reduce production cost and perform thorough quality assurance.
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Bien Air Handpiece
Over the years, Bien-Air has evolved from being a manufacturer of Swiss Made instruments to a customized line designer. The key idea is to reduce the number of instruments and devices to a minimum for performing a maximum of operations!
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KaVo Handpiece
For almost 100 years, KaVo has been dedicated to innovation and quality in our products and services. Our legacy has been built on four essential tenents: dental understanding, engineering skill, manufacturing performance, service excellence.
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