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PD Fibrapost
Braided glass fibers in a multiaxial arrangement and in a resin bonding matrix (Epoxy resin with approximately 65 % glass fiber content) providing high resistance to bending and torsion forces. Physico-chemical compatibility and high bonding between post, cement and dentine, Prevents root fracture, oxidation and corrosion, Aesthetic thanks to its white color.

Packaging: Assortment N° 1 to N° 4 (24 posts + 4 reamers + 1 screw driver) or refill of 12's
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PD Goldplated Screw Post
24 Carat Gold plated Brass, 6 sizes N°1 to N°6, short 8.0 mm, medium 9.5 mm, long 12.0 mm.
Packaging: Assortment 240 pieces + 2 keys or refil of 12's
Nordin Titanium Dentine Retention Pin
Non corrosive titanium, no stress, soft-shearing, self-centering, cut from solid rod. Part of the original solid rod of titanium is precision molded into the shank for greater stability.
Packaging: Box of 12’s + 1 drill (Ø 0.60mm or Ø 0.75mm)