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Kulzer Dentalon® Plus Assortment
Self-curing acrylic for provisional crown & bridge using a direct method, very low polymerization temperature for pulp protection, low shrinkage, no dusty during working, individual adjustable consistency, available in 3 shades – Light, Medium & Dark
Packaging: 45ml liquid, 2 x 20g powder in each shade of L, M, D, mixing pipette
PD Pella Transparent Crown Form
Manufactured in cellulose acetate for the «peel-off» technique, 78 different shapes, namely 39 pairs right (R) and left (L) reproducing the original form of the tooth. Right crowns are identified in a yellow colour and Left crowns in a pink one
Packaging: Assortment box of 78 crowns (39 pairs)
PD Preformed Aluminium Crown Form (Soft)
Prosthetic temporary crown during endo-treatment, stamped size (N°), 20 different sizes, Wall thickness : 0.3 mm
Packaging: Assortment box of 100 pieces N° 1-20 (5 pieces each N°)