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Dentamerica Rotex 780 - Micro Motor
Application for grinding, polishing, milling of precious metal, ceramics, acrylic & steel, ball bearing high torque electric motor, 3500 to 35000 rpm variable speed, double insulation heavy duty construction, automatic cooling fan, forward/ reverse switch, circuit overload protection
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Dentamerica Rotex 782 - Micro Motor
Application for grinding, polishing, milling of precious metal, ceramics, acrylic & steel, ball bearing high torque electric motor, 1500 to 35000 rpm variable speed, double insulation heavy duty construction, automatic cooling fan, forward/ reverse switch, circuit overload protection.

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Dentamerica Rotex 782E - Micro Motor E-Type
Application for grinding, polishing, milling of precious metal, ceramics, acrylic & steel, ball bearing high torque electric motor, 1500 to 35000 rpm variable speed, double insulation heavy duty construction, automatic cooling fan, forward/ reverse switch, circuit overload protection.

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Dentaurum Double Disc Model Trimmer
For plaster models in prosthetics and orthodontics. One fine and one coarse grinding disc usable on both sides and interchangeable. Individual motors with 450 W power for each grinding disc. Individually regulated water flow.Automatic water pressure control through electromagnetic valve
Manfredi TGE - Model Trimmer
Model trimmer, very silent and sturdy, equipped with solenoid valve to control the water inlet. Safety switch for protection against any accidental start of the motor. Adjustable working table. Disc Ø 26 cm.Speed rate: 1400 r.p.m. standard-grained disc (delivered with TGE)
Manfredi Acrydig 4 - Polymerization Unit
It is completely built in stainless steel and painted. No electric component may come in contact, even accidentally, with water or steam, in conformity with the European Directives. Due to its programmability, it will run a polymerization cycle and automatically switch off at the end of the cycle itself, the flasks cool naturally, thus avoiding the resin micro-fractures, usually caused by an excessively aggressive cooling.
Dentaurum AirVac 2002 - Mixing Unit
The AIRVAC 2002 is a universal vacuum mixer for use in dental technology. It can be used for mixing any standard investment, plaster or silicone. A feature of the integrated industrial motor is its very high torque. The highperformance vacuum pump incorporated in the unit is maintenance-free
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Manfredi Mixyvac S - Mixing Unit
It is used for mixing plasters or die stone, Equipped with a powerful, silent, built-in vacuum pump. Double timer with time-delay switching of the suction pump. Digital display. Built-in vacuum gauge. Mixing bowl, 170 c.c. capacity (inclusive of cover and mixing blade)
Manfredi Syloplaster - Plaster Dispenser
Electric plaster dispenser 30kgs., It can be easily installed on a wall or located on a bench, The inside rubber container avoids dispersion of dust in the environment and protects the plaster from humidity and other polluting elements, A strong vibrator is activated while the dispenser is open to pour the powder
Manfredi Aspyclean + M2V - Lathe Polishing Unit
Suction unit for polishing lathe machines, A diffused lighting, well distributed, permits working under optimal visibility. Illuminated with neon lamp. 2 Gates to close off the suction on the unused side. 2 Safety screens, transparent and adjustable. Ergonomic store for instruments.
Manfredi Handyfan - Fume Extractor
Table portable hood with activated charcoal filter exhaustor
Manfredi OL57 – Hydraulic Press
OL57 is the oildynamic hydraulic press suitable for all the dental mechanic laboratories. The press OL57 has been so dimensioned as to work with half of its max. load applied: the pressure exerted at 200 Atm is 8000 Kg, while its max. load at 400 Atm is approx. 16000 Kg. In case the pressing load exceeds 8000 Kg, a pressure relief valve goes into action in order to insure highest safety.
Manfredi Regular - Steam Cleaner
Boiler in stainless steel 18/8, 4 mm thick. Heat protection with high-insulating material. Display of the water level in the boiler. Pressure control., Electric power cutout and sound signal in case of water failure. Pipe fittings in stainless steel and copper
Manfredi Pulsar - Vibrator
The vibrators PULSAR 2, PULSAR 4, PULSAR 6 and PULSAR LARGE, respectively for 2, 4, 6 and 18 large rings, have been carefully designed to facilitate any kind of investment or stone. Continuous vibration, perfectly vertical, and continuous vibration control. Illuminated switch. Rubber table removable for cleaning.
Manfredi Pulsar -Dewax 5
Stainless steel multi-purpose water bath for dental laboratory. It can be used to remove wax from cylinders and from flask, or as a softener bath for plastic materials. It can work as a water bath from 30°C up to 90°C, or as a dryer for operations requiring low temperature and controlled heating. Tank capacity 4lt.
Dentaurum Thermomat - Electric Wax Knife
Electric wax knife with temperature regulator & transformer. Anatomically shaped handpiece for ease of use. The modelling knife attachment snaps into place to prevent rotation and can be exchanged with other modelling tips of your choice. Adjustable temperature to 280 °C/536 °F. Unit includes modelling knife
Dentaurum Dublitherm Compact - Duplicating Unit
The Dublitherm compact is a very economic duplicating machine designed for all types of duplicating gel. Quick heating times due to the precise temperature control. Short cooling times due to a special cooling channel. Mixing apparatus motorised from above the lid. Compact machine for 2.5 kg duplicating gel. Pot is easy to clean
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Manfredi Mixygel K – Duplicating Unit
Double safety cover with interlock switch to prevent motor running when the lid is open. Silent and powerful motor. Pouring outlet conveniently far from the bearing plate. Automatic casting and gelatine maintenance cycle. Possibility to run a quick cooling cycle. Continuous temperature display
Manfredi Cutty - High Speed Grinder
Variable speed up to 26.000 r.p.m. Adjustable lamp with protection screen. Automatic spindle, oilless bearings, maintenance-free
Dentaurum Dentablast - Sandblaster Unit
Robust blasting unit for all areas of dental technology. For the quick and easy removal of investment material and oxides from cast objects. For abrasive material with a grain size of up to 250 µm. No risk of blockage. External central extraction unit or extractor connection possible (accessories)
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Manfredi Sablomat – Sandblaster Unit
The revolving basket holds up to 12 frameworks to be automatically sandblasted. A manual cycle may be run for finishing. A closed-loop suction system prevents the dust from scattering and is deposited into a movable filter-tray.The tetrabor nozzle, long lasting and is fitted with a suitable filter, which prevents foreign matters from clogging the machine (12-month warranty). A metal screen serves as a barrier to the abrasion of the view glass
Dentaurum Protherm - Preheating Oven
RobusLCD display. Modern keypad. Microprocessor program control. Maximum of 4 heating stages per program. Capable of storing 98 different preheating programs. Audible end-of-program reminder. Error display. Luminous display of all data.40% energy savings due to extra thick insulation and stainless steel housing. Outlet for optional exhaust fan or catalytic wax vapor remover. Four sided heating. Delayed start feature
Manfredi Warmy - Preheating Oven
The great success of these furnaces is not only due to the well-known reliability of their heating system, but also to the ease of programming, which allows the operator to set the programming cycle with only 3 keys. Able to store up to 10 cycles. Setting up to 3 temperatures in °C or °F for each cycle. Delay of heating cycle start with clock or timer. Max. Temp. 1100 °C. Continuous holding of final temperature
Dentaurum Junior 3000 - Spot Welding Unit
Pulse current up to 1200 amps. Two welding settings. One soldering setting. No continuous soldering. Rocker switch for
operating mode. Connection for hand electrode. Connection for foot switch. Model: 230 V / 50 / 60 Hz
Manfredi OdontoWeld - Spot Welding Unit
Odontoweld is the multi-purpose welder capable of solving a lot of spot-welding and soldering problems that arise daily in a dental laboratory. It permits both spotwelding and brazing (welding with addition of solder). The spot-welding operation, controlled by a pedal button, may be accurately calibrated with 12 power levels and 12 time settings. The ergonomic hand-rest makes the positioning of the parts to be spot-welded easier
Dentaurum Universal 230 Autocast
Total Flexibility. One Unit – many possibilities – Whether titanium or non precious alloys, high gold containing or semi precious alloys, Dentaurum's new autocast universal ® 230 casting machine transforms every casting material into a perfect cast
Manfredi Neutrodyn Easyti
Induction casting machine with great flexibility, which may be used in either natural atmosphere, or vacuum or inert atmosphere. Titanium casting cycle protected under international patent right. Continuous-reading control and stabilisation of the temperature in the range from 800 to 2000° C. Permits the casting of precious and non-precious metals, and titanium.Equipped with motor acceleration regulator to control the metal flow to the ring. Built-in cooling system
Dentaurum Megapuls Compact
The new Megapuls compact is an extremely compact, high frequency, centrifugal casting machine. Extremely good value for money. Very short melting cycles due to strong performance, the casting arm quickly comes to a halt. High centrifugal strength. Casting performance can be adjusted gradually. HF coil is lowered automatically
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Manfredi Millennium HD
New Millennium version, suitable to cast any type of dental alloy (except titanium), by means of electronic induction.Featuring centrifugal casting system to grant maximum molecular compactness. Powerful unit respecting at the same time the most sensitive alloys. Unique control processor able to carry out self-diagnostic tests.New centrifugal arm with universal ring holder, ideal for standard casting rings, metal free and free expansion castings. Electronic EBST (electronic board selected tolerance), allowing to carry out up to 40 continuous castings no stop!!
Dentaurum Deskstop Compact - Deskstop Laser Welding Unit
The Desktop Compact Laser is a very price reasonable, compact laser-welding unit. The energy and capacity of the Desktop Compact Laser enable all welding tasks to be completed of any type of weldable metal / alloy found in a dental lab.Even in the lower energy output range, the adjustments may be set exactly which makes the Desktop Compact also suitable for use in an orthodontic laboratory
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Dentaurum Paramill 3 - Milling Unit
Simplified milling in wax or metal. Precise hinged joint moves easily and can be locked in place when needed. Integrated pneumatic system represents a unique feature which allows the milling table to hover on an air cushion over the working surface if required. Built-in cooling ensures lubrication of the drill or of the milling surface. The integrated motor can be regulated to run up to 27.000 rpm in either clockwise or counterclockwise direction
Manfredi Wetty - Suction Unit
Suction unit with dust-abatement water system, suitable for use with any sanblasting machines, microsandblaster, working box or bench
Manfredi Ultra 3 - Ultrasonic Tank
Ultrasonic tank for dental laboratory (3,5 lt), equipped with high-output piezoelectric transducers with cone-frustum-shaped structure. Automatic variation of the absorbed power according to the shape and sizes of the parts to be cleaned, the level and the fluid temperature
Manfredi Kerasmart 200 - Porcelain Furnace
Kerasmart 200 is an absolutely reliable ceramic furnace very easy to program and use. Argon thermal cycles for titanium castings. Cycle programming up to 3 temperature steps. 200 programs on CPU. Storage up to 200 cycles on the CPU (including 10 idle and night cycles) with backup on the smartcard. Acoustic and optical alarm at heating cycle end. Failure self diagnostic program
Dentaurum Polyclav - Pressure Pot
iPressure pot, without compressor hose. Polymerization pressure vessel for the Dentaurum Orthocryl® technique