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Dentamerica Blendex Alginate Mixer
Automatic trouble-free alginate mixing at the touch of a button, time saving process takes only seconds to complete,consistent, smooth & bubble-free mixing each & every time, features automatic timer with audible tone, 3 customizablememory presets available, LED display shows mixng time, automatic door safety loc
Packaging: Main unit, mixing bowl, spatula, mixing stick water bottle, magnetic plastic basket
Cavex CA37
iWorld wide reference, firm consistency, more rigid impression, good tear and deformation resistance, detail reproduction at least 50µm, dust free & pink in color, peppermint aroma, available in normal set and fast set
Packaging: 453g
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Cavex Color Change
Chromatic alginate, 5 days dimensional stability (5 days without shrinking in a well closed plastic bag), highly elastic, ideal for orthodontics, good tear and deformation resistance, detail reproduction at least 50 µm, dust ffree, patient friendly setting time: 1 min in mouth (fast set)
Packaging: 500g
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Cavex Impressional – ideal for Stiff Technique impression
Unique combination of high elasticity and tear resistance, impression for maximum 3-unit crowns, detail reproduction 25 µm, excellent for the stiff alginate technique and the alginate - hydrocolloid combination technique, blue color, spearmint aroma, dust free, available in fast set

Packaging: 500g
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Cavex Orthotrace – Orthodontic Alginate
Orthodontic alginate impression material, dust free, lead free, cadmium free, pink color, with a natural smell of fruit. Extra fast set (2.10 min including mixing) for efficient & fast working. Highly elastic & high tear strength, so impression can be easily removed from mouth without tearing & impression can be cast twice.
Packaging: 500g more info  
Cavex Outline Impression Paste
Eugenol free impression paste, indicated for individual tray technique for edentulous jaws & rebasing of a prosthesis. Blue & white paste with a fine structure resulting in an homogenous paste within 30 seconds mixing. Low viscosity , flows under light pressure, naturally pleasant odour.
Packaging: White paste 140g, blue paste 60g more info  
Cavex Green Clean
A pH-neutral alginate & gypsum remover, indicated for removing alginate & gypsum residues from trays, spatulas & other instrument. Kind to the skin, biodegreadable & environmentally friendly, fresh aroma. 1kg > 500 clean trays.
Packaging: Powder of 1kg more info
  VPS MATERIAL – A Silicone
Kulzer Flexitime® Easy Putty
Kneadable mixing consistency, high level final hardness. Correction impression (2-step), Sandwich impression (1-step), Functional impression (2-step)
Packaging: Base (300ml) + Catalyst (300ml) more info
Kulzer Flexitime® Heavy Tray
Automix tray material, putty-like consistency, high level final hardness. Correction impression (2-step), Double-mixing impression (1-step)
Packaging: 2 x 50ml  
Kulzer Flexitime® Monophase
Automix tray-wash material, outstanding thixotropy. Monophase impression (1-step), Fixation impression (1-step), Functional impression (2-step)
Packaging: 2 x 50ml  
Kulze Flexitime® Correct Flow
Universal correction material, high abrasion resistance/ elasticity. Correction impression (2-step), Sandwich impression (1-step), Double-mix impression (1-step), Functional impression (2-step).
Packaging: 2 x 50ml  
Kulze Dispensing Gun 1:1/ 2:1
Dispensing gun for cartridge systems:
Flexitime Heavy Tray, Flexitme Monophase & Flexitime Correct Flow.
Packaging: 1 piece
PD Hold Liquid for Alginate
Adhesive for fixing impression materials on impression trays, specially for alginates & hydrocolloids
Packaging: Bottle of 30ml  
 C Silicone
Kulzer Optosil® Comfort Putty
Kneadable tray material for correction or sandwich impression, tray margin material for functional impression
Packaging: 900ml more info
Kulzer Xantopren H Green (high viscosity)
Impression material for full or partial dentitions, tray material for double-mix techniques
Packaging: 140ml  
Kulzer Xantopren L Blue (low viscosity)
Universally applicable wash material for correction & sandwich impressions (with Optosil), double-mix impressions (with Xantopren H Green)
Packaging: 140ml  
Kulzer Xantopren VL Plus (low viscosity)
Extra low viscosity for correction impressions
Packaging: 140ml  
Kulzer Xantopren M Mucosa (medium viscosity)
Medium viscosity impression material for the mucosal impression. Open mouth impression (passive impression ) & closed mouth impression (active impression)
Packaging: 140ml  
Kulzer Activator Universal
for Optosil/ Xantopren
Packaging: Paste of 60ml  
Dentamerica Polybite
Bite registration material, impression & counter impression, bite registration 3 in 1 disposable tray. Available in Anterior,Posterior, Quadrant & Full Arch
Packaging: Anterior (35's), Posterior (50's), Quadrant (35's), Full Arch (30's)