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  FILLING MATERIAL – Adhesive & Bonding
Kulzer iBond®
iBond is the only all-in-one etch-disinfect-desensitize-prime-bond system. No mixing, no mess. Excellent bond strength. iBond is not technique sensitive, so you never have to worry about wet, moist or dry bonding. iBond includes Reality's Choice Five-Star award-winning Gluma Desensitizer. The patented chemistry used in iBond is based on UDMA and 4-META in an acetone/water solvent.
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Kulzer GLUMA® Comfort Bond
GLUMA Comfort Bond is a light-curing one bottle adhesive. It contains a mixture of ethanol and water as solvent. It is suitable for universal use and combines a high level of convenience with outstanding adhesive forces. It contains 4 - META and is the subsequent generation of GLUMA One Bond.
Packaging: 4ml
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Kulzer GLUMA® Etch 20 Gel
GLUMA Etch Gel for the proven total etch technique is effective on enamel & gentle on dentin because of its adaptable acid concentration. Blue-colored 20% phosphoric acid gel for dentin/ enamel conditioning.
Packaging: 2.5ml
Cavex Quadrant Uni I Bond
Cavex Uni I Bond is primer and sealer combined in 1-bottle for direct restorations. It contains the 4-Meta monomer, excellent bond strength, prevention of bacterial invasion. Water/ethanol base, less evaporation -> constant composition of the bonding.
Packaging: 4ml
Cavex Quadrant Total Etch
20% phosphoric acid, Ideal concentration for total etch technique, no excessive demineralisation of dentin. Excellent base for the bonding, the dentist is ensured that the bonding forms a homogeneous hybrid layer with a perfect thickness.

Packaging: 2.5ml
Kulzer Charisma® – incredible versatile
Charisma® is an universal fine particle hybrid composite filling material for anterior and posterior restorations. It is is radiopaque, easy to use and the final polishing can easily be realized. It is also is highly wear resistant after polymerization and kind to antagonist. A distinct chameleon-effect provides easy adjustment to the natural tooth shade.
Packaging: Tube of 4g
(A2, A3, A3.5)
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Kulzer Durafill® VS – timeless beauty
Durafill® VS is a light curing microfilled composite with prepolymerized splinters for long lasting anterior restorations. It is is high gloss polishable and indicated for bonded resin restorations in combination with a suitable adhesive. It is clinically proven for over 20 years
Packaging: Tube of 4g (A2)
Kulzer Solitaire® 2 – unlimited packability
Solitaire® 2 is a packable, light-curing, fluoride-releasing radioapaque Polyglass® composite for direct posterior restoration. It is extremely bite tolerant & has excellent abrasion resistance. It also has excellent modelling properties – no adhesion to tools & has an excellent proximal contact point contouring.

Packaging: Tube of 4g (A2, A3)
Kulzer Master Artist Kit – your next restorative masterpiece!
Combination kit of Kulzer reputable composite filling materials of Charisma®, Durafill® VS & Solitaire® 2.
Packaging: 5 x Charisma® 4g, 2 x Solitaire® 4g, 1 x Durafill® VS, 1 x GLUMA® Comfort Bond, 2 x GLUMA® Etch 20 Gel
Cavex Quadrant Universal LC – with FLUROCENCE PIGMENT!
Cavex Quadrant Universal LC contains a fluorescence pigment, which is in optimal relation to the used filler materials. Restorations radiates the aborbed light as white light. Restauration has natral vitality, every moment of the day and under every circumstance of light. It has bariumglass technology, optimal consistency, does not stick to instruments, durable and wear resistant.

Packaging: Tube of 4g (Shade A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B2)
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Cavex Quadrant Universal LC Kit
This is the introductory kit of Cavex Quadrant Universal CL composite
Packaging: 4 x Cavex Quadrant 4g, 1 x Cavex Quadrant Uni I Bond, 1 x Cavex Total Etch Gel
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DFL Ortho Glass LC
Glass ionomer for bonding of orthodontic brackets & bands. Light-cured, with dual curing, fluoride release, It avoids the spots caused by demineralization of enamel, excellent adhesion even in a humid environment, easy removal of orthodontic brackets and bands
Packaging: 10g, 8ml   more info
Glass ionomer for cementation of metal inlays & onlays, crown, bridges and endodontic pins. Low solubility,minimum film thickness, high compressive strength, fluoride release, excellent adhesion to the tooth structure, radiopaque due to strontium action
Packaging: 10g, 8ml   more info
DFL Vitro Fill
Restorative glass ionomer cement for deciduous teeth, Class III and V restorations. Extensive fissure sealing, core build-up prior to crown placement, cavity liner. Fluoride release, radiopaque due to strontium action, restorations with minimal risk of caries recurrence
Packaging: 10g (A3), 8ml   more info
DFL Vitro Fill LCC
Light-cured glass ionomer for restorations of anterior permanent teeth, & universal for deciduous teeth, core build-up & cavity liner. Light-curing & triple curing, excellent adhesion to tooth structure, fluoride release, good esthetic properties with colour A3, condensable mix; not sticky, excellent mechanical properties

Packaging: 5g A3 powder, 2.5ml liquid, 2.5ml Primer & 2.5ml Alpha Bond
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DFL Vitro Molar
Posterior restoration glass ionomer for deciduous teeth, ideal for ART technique, recommended for use in the elderly and children, cervical restorations in posterior teeth, core rebuild-up prior to crown placement. Fluoride release, good esthetic properties, high compressive strength, condensable.
Packaging: 10g (A3), 8ml   more info
DFL Alpha Seal Auto
Pit & fissure sealant for structure defects in oclusal surfaces in permanents & deciduous tooth, chemically curing sealant. It is sealant without any filler, presenting an excellent flowing, fill the deepest pits and fissures, without the need of using a bur

Packaging: 2.5 ml Sealant A, 2.5 ml Sealant K, 10ml Alpha Acid
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DFL Vitro Seal Alpha
Light-cured sealant with glass ionomer filler. It contains glass-ionomer filler which provides excellent adhesive characteristics, bactericide, releases fluoride, opaque & easy to use
Packaging: 2 x of 5ml Vitro Seal Alpha, 2.5ml Alpha Etch & accessories   more info
DFL Alpha Plast
Self-curing composite resin for direct restorations classes III, IV and V. It is composed of universal paste & a catalyst paste which, in combination, provide a restoration with a hard, smooth, shiny & lasting surface. It contains medium sized particles of quartz & micro particles of colloid silica

Packaging: Universal Paste 6g, Catalyst Paste 6g, Alpha Bond 5ml, Alpha Acid 10 ml
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Dentamerica Litex 685W Plasma Curing + Whitening Unit
State-of-the-art, plasma arc based, composite curing light & tooth whitening system, high resolution, flexible liquid light guide. Special wider wavelength design from 400 to 540 nm for tooth whitening. Easily rotated, magnetically held, fiber optic probe. LED digital display indicates timer & cycle countdown. Unit available for 100-240V 50/60Hz operation

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Dentamerica Litex 695C
Thin & lightweight dual intensity light polymerization LED curing light, Patent pending 360° rotatable light guide with front loaded LED, no more bulbs to replace with average LED life of 50,000 hours.composite in 10 seconds/ 4mm. Eye protection shield included for safe operation

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Dentamerica Litex 695
Unit build-in type LED curing light, Thin & lightweight dual intensity light polymerization LED curing light, Patent pending 360° rotatable light guide with front. Light intensity of 1,200 mW/cm² cures composite in 10 seconds/ 4mm. Eye protection shield included for safe operation

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