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Cavex Temporary Cement
For the temporary cementation of individually made crowns & bridges, easy & convenient to use, eugenol-free, so compatible with composite, short setting time, good seal & low solubility, yellowish color, easy to remove, perfect compressive & tear strength for temporary use.

Packaging: Base 35g,
Catalyst 16g
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Technew Hydcal (DYCAL)
It is a self-setting & rigid calcium hydroxide composition, & is indicated in pulp capping & as a protective liner under filling materials, cements, etc. It does not inhibit the polymerization of composite resins, used for restoration.
Packaging: Base 13g, Catalyst 11g
PD Temporary Cement in Paste – Eugenol Free
Ready to use cement for temporary fillings of cavities, temporary sealing on medicaments, temporary setting of root post. Its excellent adhesion to the dentine & its sealing qualities ensure a hermetic filling.
Packaging: Jar of 15g more info
PD Polycarboxylate Cement
It is a yellowish-whiite preparation for cementing crowns, bridges & inlays. Where a sufficient pulp protection is provided it can also be used as a cavity liner.
Packaging: Powder 15g, Liquid 15ml more info
PD Zinc Phosphate Cement « C & B »
It Is a luting cement for crowns, bridges, inlays & orthodontic applicance. It can also be used as a filling material, cavity liner & for pulp capping under gold, amalgam, porcelain & acrylic filling.
Packaging: Powder 15g, Liquid 15ml more info
PD Copal Varnish
Copal Varnish is the ideal cavity liner & dentinal tubuli sealer. It assures perfect protection to the exposed surfaces of dentine in teeth prepared for permanent fillings & is useful as an intermediary varnish prior to the insertion of amalgam, cements & composite
Packaging: Bottle of 15ml

PD Pro Pul Pan (Zinc Oxide Eugenol Cement)
Zinc Oxide-Eugenol cements, like “Pro-Pul-Pan”, are particularly reputed for their sedative effect upon pulpal tissues,especially when restoring teeth with deep carious lesions. Additionally, it is mildly antiseptic and provides a good marginal seal and thermal insulation

Packaging: Powder 30g, Liquid 15ml more info