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  Intra oral Camera
Dentamerica CAMMY™ 193 USB Intraoral Camera
Directly connect to PC via USB, SONY CCD sensor, Freeze button & digital zoom, 1.3 Mega Pixels, Max.resolution of 1280*960, 24 bits color bit, lightweight of 93g only. CAMMY Software is included for picture storage in the PC whereby Patient Library is created for you to view, print & save your images
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Dentamerica CAMREX™ 191A Intraoral Camera
Direclt connect to LCD monitor or TV with NTSC or PAL system, 410K to 470K pixels, Resolution of 480 TV Line, Rotates between live & freeze frame images up to 4 channels, images captures via handpiece freeze button or foot control, Optional USB Video Grabber enables connection to PC via USB port. CAMREX Software creates Patient Library where you can View, Print & Save your images
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