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Dentaurum Castorit® All Speed Investment
C+B speed investment for all precious and non-precious alloys, mould can be placed into the furnace at final temperature (950°C) for speed preheating or preheated in stages overnight, for the entire range of applications and all types of alloy from precious metals to high expansion non-precious alloys
Packaging: Powder of 8 x 2.5kg, Mixing liquid of 1L
Dentaurum Remanium® CSe Casting Alloy
NiCrMo ceramic bonding alloy, excellent porcelain fusion – even after multiple firings, orally stable and corrosion resistant due to high amount of chrome and molybdenum, no sparking when melted with torch, excellent for laser welding, beryllium free, biocompatible
Packaging: Box of 1kg
Dentaurum Star Wax
Ideal carving properties - short melting range, can be applied optimally in spots or larger surface. Highly resilient - no risk of fracturing. Fatigue-resistant during working
Packaging: Box of 50g
Dentaurum Folident
Mini adapter for die copings, heat foil over a burner until they're transparent. The foils are adapted & after cooling pulled off & cut down
Packaging: Molding pot/ foil holder, foil each 100's 0.1 & 0.6mm
Dentaurum Preformed Sprue Bars
Stabilizes the wax construction & avoids deformation of bridges. Easy mounting to the sprue former due to the shape of the preformed connector
Packaging: Box of 100's
Dentaurum Wax Profiles
For sprues, retention, etc. After application, rigid & stress free. Smooth surfaces. Easy waxing due to fast solidfication.Available in 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 & 5.0mm.
Packaging: Coil of 250g
Dentaurum Casting Rings
Stainless steel, heat resistant, stable. Available in Ø30mm, 48mm & 65mm
Packaging: 1 piece
Dentaurum Casting Rings
Highly durable flexible rubber. With metal reinforced base plate. 3 sizes to match casting rings, sizes 1,3,6

Packaging: 1 piece
Dentaurum Kera Viles
Asbestos free liner for metal casting ring in crown & bridge technique. Free expansion through fleece-like materials
Packaging: 15m & 25m
Dentaurum Lubrofilm
Function I: Silicone surface tension reducing agent
Function II: Wax surface tension reducing agent
Packaging: Bottle of 100ml & 1 litre

Dentaurum Wax-Fix
Adhesive for wax & plastic patterns. With Wax-Fix no damage to investment material. Adheres 100% to the model
Packaging: Bottle of 50ml

Dentaurum Dowel Pins
Brass. Machined & ground. Smooth clean surfaces. Conical root portion, bevelled on one side
PacPackaging: Box of 100's

Dentaurum Saw & Blades
For orthodontic appliances & die models, small saw with replaceable blades
Packaging: 1 piece